Group Bookings

Rent Adriatic is happy to announce a new service of group booking. In the past we have had many requests for properties which cater to a larger group size and we now can offer an exclusive selection of villas and apartment complexes that can offer group rental packages throughout the whole year.
Special occasions such as weddings or business events should be a unique experience that staying in a larger hotel might not be able to offer. Hotels are normally busy places and most guests wish to have less noisy atmospheres and would prefer to experience more intimate and private surroundings which would be less obtrusive. We can offer a selection of private villas or apartment complexes for all occasions. 
The exclusive private properties can offer group booking packages which are catered to all guest requirements, which offer packages for group sizes between 10 up till 100 staying guests. Along with the rental property all optional requirements such as catering, transfers, excursions, boat trips, sightseeing tours, guides, conference halls or anything else which might be required.
We can offer all types of rentals for all types of occasions and are happy to make recommendations to guests for the most appropriate properties or locations for their stay. The properties can be used for team building, intimate company meetings and all special occasions. Our group booking properties are spread over different countries in the Adriatic region and we would be able to offer numerous different locations. 
We offer very competitive rental rates, especially if the group bookings are out of season and are for an Adriatic coastal location. With cheap out of season flights, glorious sunshine and appealing temperatures along the coast, guests and companies alike can take advantage and book a group package for a unique and unforgettable group rental booking!